Hot Teen Fucking The Guest

Mom and dad had left for the week end and the young daughter was all alone. She was asked to entertain a friend coming to stay for a week. He arrived just after noon and she was out by the pool in her bikini. She was going to sun bathe topless, but knew the visitor would be arriving any time. He walked to the pool and greeted her. He stared at the girls sexy body in the skimpy suit. The triangles of fabric barely covered the huge tits and the bottom thong had less material. He liked what he saw… Continue reading

My Nightclub Bouncer and Me the Sexy Nurse

I was out on the town partying away with my work friends as it was one of their birthdays so we decided to go in fancy dress which is always great as I went dressed out as a naughty nurse, my outfit was hot and slutty and I’m not just saying that. I was wearing a sexy 3-piece leather nurse uniform; it was very short and made my tits look very nice.

We headed into our first nightclub and the guys eyes lit up seeing older women dressed like cock starved sluts, we got loads of attention and guys were… Continue reading

University days- freshers week fuck

The car was packed and I had said my goodbyes to friends and f****y. I was off to start a new chapter in my life. I was looking forward to it but I was also a little nervous, after all I was leaving home for the first time in my life to live with people I didn’t know.

As I arrived there was a hive of activity around the halls of residence car park. Parents helping their sons and daughters with their stuff, carrying all kinds of things into the halls of res. There was me with hardly anything in… Continue reading

Steamy Threesome

Angel & Melanie were best friends growing up. They did everything together. That is what she told him. He had been dating Angel for a few months now, and they were getting serious. When she said that she wanted him to meet her friend Melanie, he was looking forward to it. He had heard all sorts of stories about the two of them. Grade school antics, dance recitals, junior high, cheer-leading, gymnastics, High school, they even applied and attended the same college. Angela told him that they were inseparable and shared everything.

Angela arranged to go to Melanie##Q##s house in… Continue reading